resin-coated paper


Resin-coated paper is perfect for storing food products: it is a high quality material which is exceptionally practical, flexible and affordable. In order to ensure the safety of certified, traceable and first class products, our suppliers are leading companies in Italy and Europe, essential factors for those in the food sector. The resin-coated side is totally free of odours and, hence can come into contact with any type of food thus, guaranteeing the maximum in practicality, functionality and hygiene.
In addition to neutral or generic printed paper (our POLICART© brand), we offer a range of solutions dedicated to a variety of food sectors: exceptionally beautiful, new and eye-catching printing for bakeries, butchers and delicatessens. To complete our range we offer different decorations which can be used as a base for personalising products with our customer’s details.
We operate throughout the National territory: please contact us for any information you may need.
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